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Welcome Winter

The easiest job in the world is a meteorologist in San Diego because it’s always sunny and nice. This is the set up for what a wuss I am. I don’t like winter the shorter days (bring back Pacific Daylight Time), the “cold”, or the possibility of two or more consecutive days of rain. However, now I know the importance of winter.

We are nature, and like nature we have seasons. Winter is about low temperatures and shorter days. It is the time for sleeping like flora and fauna and for hibernating animals. Winter is the time to reflect and prepare for spring and summer. In the recent past, I didn’t want to slow down, hibernate, or reflect. Instead, I wanted to continue to live my loud, sunny, and doing life. I learned the hard way that if we don’t hibernate, we become depressed, hopeless, and burnt out. For those of us who feed of doing and accomplishing it is almost impossible to chill. However, look what happens if we don’t. Today I welcome sleep, hibernation, and reflection as I dream of warmer seasons ahead.

Winter Solstice

Winter solstice is the longest night of the year in Northern Hemisphere, which is December 21, 2022. But instead of lamenting about the long night and short day, let’s celebrate the rebirth of the sun. Here are ways to honor the winter solstice:

  • Write two notes, one to let go ·of something from 2022 and another to document an aspiration for 2023.
  • Light candles. This is a reminder that light shines the brightest in the dark. Remember you are the light in your personal darkness.
  • Celebrate the natural world by scattering seeds for local birds.
  • Move your body. Practice a short yoga practice. Walk in nature.
  • Meditate Use a guided meditation or simply focus on your breath or a mantra (such as stillness) allows you to calm your mind so that you may begin the journey of reflection.
  • Sleep better.

Take Action

Breathe at a stoplight, waiting in line at a store, or going to the bathroom, Be present.

Tell us how you celebrate nature.