Our Rebellious Team

We disrupt the stories they sell and tell about us.

Representation Rebellion/verb/
Women and allies who are pissed off about being told all our lives who we are, how to act, and how we should look. Knowing our power individually and collectively to tell our stories and raise our voices to disrupt the narratives we’ve been given.

Director of Disruption

Dr. Michelle Zive

Dr. Z got her PhD in leadership at the age of 53, after she was told women in their 50s become invisible. Her battle cry is “You can’t tell our stories anymore; we’re telling our own.” She is the mother of three adult children who will always be her babies. She is married to a talented photographer AND a great man (and father) who is her biggest fan. She believes in the power of love, storytelling, and empathy to change the world.


Robin McNulty

Robin has enjoyed being the Robin to Dr. Z’s rebel vibes for over twenty-five years. It may look like she is the wingwoman, but she is a partner in every sense of the word. She was the officiant for Dr. Z and her husband’s nuptials and they had their navels pierced at the same time. Recently retired, Robin and her spouse relocated to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to their four grandsons. Robin enjoys exploring her new community and telling/living her own story.


Tanya Cropper

Tanya is 54 years young and has been married for 37 of those years to an amazing man who is forever making her laugh. She has a 31-year-old son who is without a doubt her greatest creation. Tanya has been building websites and creating logos and graphics for over 20 years. She loves her work and her customers. You can find samples of her work at idesigntheweb.com


Nicole D. Desiree

Nicole has a B.A. in Film and Tech Communication, highlighting her passion for the art and science of connecting in the 21st century. She proudly declared her desire to never marry or have children at the mature age of seven. She’s been defending this position for 30 years. Her first professional endeavor supported non-profitable art in professional art galleries giving disadvantaged art and artists a spotlight. Now, Nicole works with women entrepreneurs over the age of 50 to help them grow their presence and power online.